About RPAL

Major Goals of RPAL

RPAL's goal is to reach out and enrich the lives of the youth of Roseville. We strive to provide safe and supervised environments for recreational, athletic, social, educational, and cultural activities. We provide a variety of programs that appeal to the different interests of children and young adults, helping to build meaningful relationships between Roseville youth and Police Officers. All RPAL programs and events are low cost, or free, to avoid the exclusion of any child due to family income.

A Brief History of RPAL

RPAL was founded in 1972 as a fund raising group for Roseville youth sports teams. Little League and Bobby Sox baseball teams were the first groups to receive RPAL assistance. Any police officer participation was limited to occasional coaching. In 1993, three officers decided to raise RPAL to the next level and started the RPAL Boxing Program.

Since then, RPAL has sponsored many diverse programs in an attempt to enrich the lives of Roseville youth. RPAL utilizes the California Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights adopted by the California Round Table on Recreation, Parks, and Tourism because of recent concerns about youth detachment from outdoor activities, lack of physical exercise, and increased health risks. Numerous studies document that children who participate in these activities are healthier, do better in school, have better social skills, stronger self-image, and lead more fulfilled lives. We participate in a variety of field trips including swimming, fishing, hiking, paint ball and camping.

RPAL's Board Members

  • Marcus LoDuca, President
  • Jamie Hazen, Vice President
  • Sophia Madrigal, Secretary
  • Graham Allen, Board Member
  • Marc Buljan, Board Member
  • Dominick Casey, Board Member
  • John Enos, Board Member
  • Bridgette Dean, Board Member
  • Carol Garcia, Board Member
  • Daniel Hahn, Board Member
  • Heather Jones, Board Member
  • David Larson, Board Member
  • Scott Owens, Board Member
  • Edward “Ned” Rosenbrook, Board Member
  • Donna Sangwin, Board Member
  • Merv Screeton, Board Member
  • Dan Wesp, Board Member
  • Josh Simon, Community Services Sergeant - Staff
  • Viviana Nevarez, RPAL Coordinator - Staff

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